Interested in volunteering? That’s great! It’s a most noble thing to do and we have your back. Organisations contact us to help with their projects. Fill the signup form below if you would like us to engage you.


809 thoughts on “Volunteers

  1. Am interested in helping the society at large, through volunteering services… I think my past experience as a team leader in community development services will be an advantage….so am opting for the program marketing officer.

  2. I love and am ready to serve humanity in various capacity as a volunteer. program marketing officer will be great marching some of my qualities which I’ll invest for the furtherance of the society

  3. It will be a blessing and honour to me if am able to attend this programme. To be able to touch just one life. Feeling blessed already.

  4. I am passionate about the welfare of children because of my experience of abuse as a child. I want to be a change-agent in propagating transparency in governance.

  5. I wish to offer my services to promote the child care services especially for children affected by insujency

  6. I am will to serve humanity in my own capacity, volunteering is a good medium to give back what has been given to me.

  7. Iam a male citizen of Nigeria,I live in Osogbo,osun state and i love interacting with the youth so as to propel them to fulfil their destiny.

  8. Iam a male citizen of Nigeria and i live in Osogbo in osun state,I love to work with youth as to propel them to fulfil their destiny.

  9. I will be honoured to be invited for the programme as a public and motivational speaker and also as curator of young mind especially secondary school students

  10. Am interested in giving back tothe society at large, through volunteering services.so am opting for the program marketing officer.

  11. I love to put smiles on face, I love lending a helping hand no matter how little and no matter the place. I would really appreciate it if I am given this opportunity.

  12. To volunteer is an awesome thing to do.i will love to work as a volunteer in Administrative assistant Or management fields assistant.

  13. service is a passion for me. I relish every moment to be an instrument of touching lives through selfless service.

  14. service is a passion for me. I relish every moment to be an instrument to touch lives positively.

  15. Give me the honor of rendering my services as a volunteer for this great course and for the greater good of humanity. Thank you… ps: I’m open to volunteering in any field available

  16. Thank you ma/sir, for the opportunity to serve as a volunteer for the forth coming summer workshop program to be held in Lagos.
    I am keenly interested and available to attend the surmmer workshop programm which would commences from 24th of July to August 25.
    I would appretiate ur invitation to attend volunteers training, to be held on 22nd of July.
    Thank you.

  17. This is a very great things especially when a government has the well-being of her youths at heart. I’m really looking forward to this volunteering experience in order for me to impact lives and to learn as well.

  18. I am an entrepreneur, a life coach, mentor and educationist who is passionate about adding values to the youth and the teens in helping them to realize their ultimate goals in life. I will be honored to join the life changing project.

  19. Several time I have fill your form of volunteers but I have nor received any news aside from opening. Pls what is the cause.

  20. Am an independent political analyst .Am passionate about human rights and the satifaction of helping people slove problems the little way I can .Human rights and international development intrigues me the most .

  21. Hi,
    Please I would really appreciate an opportunity to partake in Any volunteering activity you will have in the future. I will be grateful if contacted via email.

    Best Regards,
    Bujor James

  22. am seriously interested in humanitarian service. it’s had been my heart desires, please grant me this opportunity to show my passion towards the less privilege.

  23. I am interested to volunteer to help my African children’s at large. Am in there development base in electrical installation, computer Installation and Repairs Maintenance and some skills work

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