We figured out a great way to answer your “What’s the point?” question! To help you understand a glimpse of our impact, we decided to share success stories. Here are experiences shared by our people:

Tola’s Story

On July 1 2013, The Academic Staff Union of Universities decided to embark on industrial action due to the failure of the Federal Government to implement the 2009 Agreement reached with the Union. Most of my colleagues and I expected the strike action to last no longer than two or three weeks at the most. The month of July went by without any seeming end in sight to the strike action. By August, it began to dawn on me that the end was not anywhere near in sight. That was when I knew that I had to find something to do during the waiting period. The question then became what could I do… [read more]


Gethrude’s Story


My name is Gethrude Charles. Recently, I learnt about the opening to participate as a volunteer in the World Wide Web Foundation’s Alliance For Affordable Internet (A4AI) forum at Abuja through Volunteer in Nigeria’s blog. I immediately jumped at the opportunity to have a better perspective of the ICT industry in Nigeria and to network so I registered my interest on the page. When I was contacted by Volunteer in Nigeria that I have been selected along with Shadrach to participate, I waited for Tuesday-11th March-with great anticipation. I have always been interested and have been actively involved in ICT, how it can be improved in Nigeria, its use in our daily lives and how it can be used to boost productivity in different aspects of our lives… [read more]

One thought on “Voices

  1. so i heard ushers are need for the wiscar event. i applied and was selected. Am truly greatful to volunteer in Nigeria for the opportunity. apart from the great people i met( Joke Silva, mrs deji and so many others) i also got inspired by seeing so many successful woman in different sphere of life, sharing their success story. The event itself was insightful i got back home questioning my purpose and thinking of a way to give back to my society.
    Thank you Ms chioma

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