Apply to be a PAA Summer 2018 volunteer

Public Art Africa (registered as the Initiative of Public Art in Africa) is a youth led non-profit organization run by mentors and youths from various parts of Lagos. Youths use creativity to engage the community in Human Rights, Health, the Environment, etc.

The organisation is interested in working with volunteers on two programmes this summer.

1) PAA Summer Programme takes place between July and August in various locations from Ikeja to VI. The purpose of this summer programme is to expose students to different careers and professions so that they can start thinking about future careers for themselves. It is a series of excursions to a number of companies. It is an opportunity to show the kids that there are amazing people in Nigeria doing amazing work.

2) The second programme is a summer screening series in partnership with some organizations in Lagos. It takes place for 10 days in August for youths from various parts of Lagos. A series of films will be shown and volunteers will be needed to work with students after the screening on activities including drama, arts & crafts and poetry.

The volunteers will act as chaperones for the students during excursions, making sure to promote the organisation’s mission of using creativity to build Africans for the future. They will also be expected to be positive role models and be keenly interested in making positive impact on the kids.

All materials necessary to effectively mentor Public Art Africa youths will be provided. Volunteers should make sure they dress appropriately and comfortably. They are required to be:

– punctual
– enthusiastic
– encouraging
– engaging


Volunteers will be required to participate in a training in Lagos on Saturday, July 28, from 10am-4pm.

This opening is for volunteers resident in Lagos.


HOW TO INDICATE INTEREST TO VOLUNTEER (Please follow these instructions carefully)

Step 1: Read the post requirements above carefully, taking note of the location

Step 2: Make sure you are resident in the state where the opening exists and meet the requirements

Step 3: If you are fully available and interested, kindly register at (skip this step if you have registered in the past)

Step 4: Drop us a comment below this post (NOT the registration page) with your name, active phone number, active email address and the state where you are currently based.


NOTE: Your comments with personal information will not be published. Please do not leave a comment if you have not registered and be sure to leave a comment on this very page with the opening announcement after you register. We will close recruitment in about a week. Therefore, your comment needs to come in (and follow the guidelines above) within that recruitment window to be considered. Unfortunately, we may be unable to reach out to everyone due to limited openings. Please bear with us and do not be discouraged from trying again. Thank you!


Openings at UKF!

United for Kids Foundation is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in the USA, Nigeria and the United Kingdom established exclusively for charitable and educational activities targeted principally at needy children in Nigeria. They have reached more than 40,000 children with programs like the annual ‘Back to School’ project and free libraries in 9 public schools within Lagos since 2002

They need volunteers to commit 30 hours each week working with children from low income families in Lagos public primary schools. Volunteers will be assigned to their libraries at Ojodu, Somolu or Victoria Island. Library hours will be from 8am to 2pm on Mondays to Thursday while Fridays will be for debriefing and professional development.


The volunteers will work with their staff to implement literacy programs in the libraries. They will read to and with the children during library periods. They will watch educational programs with the children and explain content to them. The volunteers will also lead various projects such as tie and dye, planting, coloring and painting. They will accompany pupils to field trips, which include movie theaters, banks, museums, manufacturing companies and other major establishments during the annual summer camp. Volunteers will act as first line mentors to children, many of whom are from socially and economically disadvantaged homes. Volunteers at our Victoria Island library will work with mentors from major corporations once a week to implement a special reading program using eReaders (kindles).



Volunteers should be university or polytechnic graduates with excellent oral and written communication skills. We are looking for people with good attitude who are willing to invest their time in helping economically disadvantaged children.



Step 1: Register at (skip this step if you have registered in the past)

Step 2: Drop us a comment below this post with your name and phone number.

(Comments with personal information will not be published. Please do not leave a comment if you have not registered and be sure to leave a comment after you register)


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