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Please find below details of two new openings for Abuja residents only. Kindly take note of the requirements for the roles, and follow the instructions to indicate interest. The roles are volunteer positions with all business and out-of-pocket expenses covered by the foundation.




The Program Database Developer will support the development of a robust research database for the SOS Careers Program and manage the presentation of coherent analysis and reports within the SOS Careers Program office. The Officer will be expected to have basic capabilities in conducting robust research and analysis largely independently, and sometimes under the guidance of colleagues. The analysis will  be displayed in a report format or compelling graphical form using Microsoft PowerPoint or similar applications.


Research and Data Gathering

  1. Researching Education requirements for various careers and industries
  2. Developing a list of universities and available courses across the US and UK including entry requirements, number of years, brief description of the course, information to support applications
  3. Aggregating sample curriculum vitae (CV), cover letters, application answers, motivational statements per industry/career
  4. Aggregating sample interview questions per industry/career and general interview and job search strategies and techniques
  5. Aggregating information on internships/insight days/work experience/IT provided by various organisations across various industries including the dates, timing, application cycle, application process etc.
  6. Identifying relevant qualifications to be pursued across various industries
  7. Identifying various workshops on career planning, development, skills development offered in Nigeria
  8. Identifying scholarship opportunities at home and abroad for undergraduate and post-graduate degrees
  9. Collecting and collating career and labour market information
  10. Respond to new areas of research as provided by the SOS Careers Program Manager as being relevant for the target cohort of tertiary institution students
  11. Developing list of potential HR advisors, consultants and agencies
  12. Conducting scoping studies on all tertiary institutions in Nigeria
  13. Developing list of potential partner organizations for internships and insight opportunities
  14. Developing list of careers advisors, speakers and experts

Analysis and Data Presentation

  1. Developing infomercials that depict the action plans required to advance in career decisions
  2. Presenting data in a graphical, pictorial and succinct forms
  3. Managing a database of information on excel
  4. Writing short pieces on various industries/careers
  5. Writing more detailed analysis on various industry trends


  1. Monitoring and optimizing the performance of the SOS career database
  2. Planning for backup and recovery of database information
  3. Maintaining archive data and reports
  4. Maintaining and Updating an educational opportunities database on a daily basis  – scholarships, essays, competitions, workshops etc. relevant for the careers students.

Cross-section of data

  • Collect Sample CVs, Sample Cover Letters on each industry/career
  • Sample Interview Questions & Responses on each industry/career
  • Tips on general interview etiquettes
  • Guidance on writing CVs and Cover Letters
  • Collect Links to Psychometric Tests
  • Tips on LinkedIn Profile Writing and sample Linkedin Profiles, Careers Profiles
  • Tips on completing Job Applications
  • Links for scholarship opportunities and application process
  • Tips on writing personal statements
  • Profiles on organisations in Nigeria per industry and career and recruitment process
  • Organisations that provide Internships in Nigeria and their cycles, application process etc.
  • Information on universities in Nigeria, registration process and other aspects of university experience
  • Collect skills development and personal development opportunities
  • Collect data on qualifications per industry or career


REPORTING RELATIONSHIP:  Component Program officer


  1. Excellent written and verbal communication, strong editing skills
  2. Superior Writing and Research Skills
  3. Graphic/Creative Design Skills
  4. Excellent Analytical and critical thinking Skills
  5. Strong IT Skills
  6. Advanced Microsoft Powerpoint and Excel Skills
  7. Ability to use dropbox, sharepoint and goggle drive


  1. General understanding of maintenance and handling of high volumes of data
  2. Creative self-starter who can work independently or on a team
  3. Experience with writing creative and well-researched pieces on a variety of issues
  4. Organized, driven and able to gather data from a number of challenges independently
  5. Ability to engage with several stakeholders as role will require speaking to SOS career mentors and advisers to gather some data
  6. Strong attention to detail



  1. Bachelor degree in any discipline preferably in the social sciences and quantitative degrees (e.g. mathematics)
  2. Experience with Microsoft Excel


  1. Additional qualifications that are design oriented will be a plus
  2. Knowledge of digital media software – Photoshop or other graphic design software, etc. will be a plus




  1. Conduct research and advice on best approach to engage potential Headstart participants
  2. Advice on pricing and incentive strategies to enhance program marketability
  3. Develop, implement, manage and oversee online and off-line marketing campaigns for SOS Headstart
  4. Develop, implement and report on surveys conducted on target audience across various states in Nigeria for program deployment
  5. Manage and disseminate SOS Headstart online content diary
  6. Source for partnerships with media outlets and develop press releases, ads and other relevant marketing material to be displayed or released on these media outlets
  7. Manage stakeholder database
  8. Identify and collating information on viable tapped and untapped industries for business
  9. Identify and negotiate partners with agencies, MDAs, trainers, mentors and other stakeholders to partner with
  10. Support program officer with curriculum development
  11. Aggregate and on-board SOS Headstart business mentors and trainers
  12. Source for stakeholders to provide seed capital awards
  13. Collate report on program performance statistics in terms of responses and participation


REPORTING RELATIONSHIP:  Component Program Officer (SOS Headstart Project)


  1. Excellent written and verbal communication
  2. Superior Writing and Research skills
  3. Excellent analytical and critical thinking skills
  4. Advanced Microsoft Words and Powerpoint skills
  5. Marketing skills


  1. Creative self-starter who can work independently or in a team
  2. Organized, driven and able to gather data from a number of challenges independently
  3. Strong attention to detail
  4. Microsoft Excel skills
  5. Graphic/Creative Design Skills
  6. Ability to use dropbox, sharepoint and goggle drive
  7. General understanding of maintenance and handling of high volumes of data



  • Bachelor degree in any discipline preferably in the social sciences
  • Additional qualifications that are design oriented will be a plus
  • Knowledge of digital media software – Photoshop or other graphic design software, etc. will be a plus



Step 1: Read the post requirements above carefully, taking note of the location

Step 2: Make sure you are resident in the state where the opening exists

Step 3: If you are fully available and interested, kindly register at (skip this step if you have registered in the past)

Step 4: Drop us a comment below this post (NOT the registration page) with your name, active phone number, active email address and the opening you are interested in.


NOTE: Your comments with personal information will not be published. Please do not leave a comment if you have not registered and be sure to leave a comment on this very page with the opening announcement after you register. We close recruitment in about a week or two. Therefore, your comment needs to come in (and follow the guidelines above) within that recruitment window to be considered. Unfortunately, we may be unable to reach out to everyone due to limited openings. Please bear with us and do not be discouraged from trying again. Thank you!


Volunteer Trainers at SOS Foundation

The Skills Outside School Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation registered in Nigeria and the UK. They require volunteers for the bridge project. The Bridge Project is a free employability skill building and career mentoring scheme for bright, disadvantaged and motivated senior secondary school one and two students in Government Secondary Schools in Nigeria. 80 students in total are currently enrolled in the project. The project is deployed as an after-school activity currently in three partner schools and includes skills workshops, career mentoring sessions and competitions.

Start date: January 2016

Duties of volunteers

    1. Selection of the Participants using the provided set criteria for evaluation
    2. Coordinating the 5 skills workshops for 20 participants
    3. Coordinating the mentoring sessions with the participants and writing up a progress report which must be submitted to the Project Coordinator
    4. Administering the robust skills workshops and mentoring sessions evaluation framework
    5. Aiding the students brainstorming session for the Inter-School Competition
    6. Managing the Applications process for external opportunities for the students
    7. Supervising Monitoring and Evaluation post project end

Other duties:

  1. The design of the 5 skills workshops – the selection of the techniques to achieve the goals and the steering of group processes.
  2. Understanding the participants and the workshop content prior to planning the workshop.
  3. Following a step‐by‐step process to clarify assumptions and focus the workshops on the specific objectives of the sessions.
  4. Making adjustments to the workshop design—structure and learning activities—as needed for the situation.
  5. Sharing first‐hand practical experiences with the participants to extend their learning and understanding.
  6. Leading follow‐up and evaluation of the learning, collecting feedback on the event and tracking learning, during and after the workshop.
  7. Providing additional examples of concepts and case studies to guide and support participants’ learning.
  8. Attending the Career Mentoring Open Day and acting as an usher for the event


  1. A university degree in any field.
  2. Previous experience in training or facilitating workshops, events, sessions etc. (this could be part time, as an intern, as a volunteer or full time role).

Skills Requirement

  1. Presentation – communicating ideas, using visual and other aids, giving feedback, listing skills
  2. Facilitation – managing activities, eliciting contributions and learning, creative and innovative thinker, ability to create an atmosphere of confidence among participants.
  3. One-to-one – coaching, counselling, mentoring, advising, assessing.
  4. Consultancy – investigating, advising, evaluating.
  5. Design – designing activities, e-literate, knowledge of group development, including the ability to sense a group’s mood and change methods or adjust the program on the spot.
  6. Interpersonal – building relationships, ability to handle conflict, trust in other people and their capacities, respect for the opinions of others, does not impose ideas on others, adaptable.
  7. Assertiveness – confidence, challenging and supporting.
  8. Expertise and Interest – knowledgeable, insightful, up to date, enthusiastic about being a trainer.
  9. Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications (Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint).
  10. Proficiency in cloud software applications (Skydrive, DropBox, Google Docs).




Location: The target schools are at Jabi, Wuse Zone 3, Karu, Garki, and Gwarimpa-all at Abuja, Nigeria. ONLY VOLUNTEERS BASED AT ABUJA SHOULD INDICATE INTEREST.



Step 1: Register at (skip this step if you have registered in the past)

Step 2: Drop us a comment below this post with your name and active phone number and email address. You will then receive a mail.

(Comments with personal information will not be published. Please do not leave a comment if you have not registered and be sure to leave a comment on this page after you register)


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