Call for Volunteer Facilitators and OAPs for our IVD Campaign

Hey guys!!!
December 5 is upon us! Every year on the 5th of December, the International Volunteer Day (IVD) is celebrated. The day was designated by the United Nations in 1985 as an international observance day to celebrate the power and potential of volunteerism. Here at Volunteer in Nigeria, we cash in on the opportunity to laud the remarkable contribution of volunteers, while inspiring others to embrace volunteerism. Our objective is to inspire Nigerians to embrace practical servant leadership through impactful volunteerism, which is in fact beneficial to the volunteers themselves.


As puts it, “Volunteering is a two-way street. Volunteers gain valuable experience, expand their knowledge and enrich their lives through their actions. At a national level, volunteers use their expertise to create meaningful impact for communities and countries. At a community level, volunteering gives voice to those who are marginalized, for example women, youth and those with disabilities, and enables people to effect real change. As well, volunteering enables people to develop skills to participate in society, to integrate, to increase their employability.


At Volunteer in Nigeria, we have deployed more than 2,000 volunteers to work on close to 100 social impact projects in 13 states of the nation. We estimate that around 5% of our volunteers have secured jobs directly through our volunteering engagements, while some have been inspired to found their own projects/companies. Stories like Azuka’s shared below motivate us to go harder.


“My name is Azuka and I currently work in the Abuja branch of Nigeria Info FM, one of the leading radio stations in Nigeria.  I joined Volunteer in Nigeria in late 2014. At that point, I was fresh out of university where I studied Accounting. I hated Accounting and was confused and unsure of my future. It was a period of darkness in my life – a time when I felt my sun was setting, when in fact, it was supposed to be rising.
For me, life was never unpredictable. I had to be in control of everything, every second and every moment. I liked being predictable. Imagine how life changes from that perfect morning to a midnight in a split second. A relationship I built over the years came crashing right before my eyes. From battling depression to falling ill and almost committing suicide, my life made me question a lot of things. I was lost and thought I was going to die. Nobody could see what I was going through because I kept a happy and calm disposition (if any member of my family reads this, they would find this unbelievable).  
After battling an illness that almost took my life, I made a decision never to let my circumstances get to me. I started to be a bit outgoing, and through a friend who advised me to get busy, I got to know about Volunteer in Nigeria. I spoke to Chioma Tanwa, who needed me to volunteer with Volunteer in Nigeria at a radio station in Benin City (where I lived) on short notice. It was a media campaign project organised by Volunteer in Nigeria to commemorate the International Volunteer Day. Well I volunteered, and that 5 minutes interview changed my life forever. The following week, I got a job at that same radio station as an on-air personality. Today makes it 2 years since I took that decision to volunteer, and I am currently working with my third media organisation. I volunteered and got my life back.
Broadcasting and motivational speaking has become my passion and my life. I can’t thank God and Volunteer in Nigeria enough for helping me discover myself. I still volunteer often and I have dedicated my life to helping and sharing people’s problems. I hope my story inspires you to overcome whatever you are going through and understand that true happiness and fulfilment comes from helping others.
I am Nsonwu Azuka Oghogho, a Volunteer, Humanitarian & Media Executive, and this is my story.”


This year, the theme of the IVD is #GlobalApplause, and we are set to inspire many more people to volunteerism. Consequently, we are embarking on our media campaign again.
See posts on our previous editions here.

If you are interested in getting on the radio and TV to speak about this special cause, please reach out to us by following these steps below. If you know a television or radio broadcaster who can host our volunteers, or are one yourself, please reach out to us as well.

Step 1: Read the post requirements above carefully

Step 2: Make sure you are comfortable with speaking about volunteerism and inspiring others

Step 3: If you are fully available on & before December 5 and interested, kindly register at (skip this step if you have registered in the past)

Step 4: Drop us a comment below this post (NOT the registration page) with your name, active phone number, active email address and state of current residence.


NOTE: Your comments with personal information will not be published. Please do not leave a comment if you have not registered and be sure to leave a comment on this very page with the opening announcement after you register. We close recruitment in about a week or two. Therefore, your comment needs to come in (and follow the guidelines above) before then to be considered. Thank you!

Young, smart, creative and media-savvy? Come work with us!

Yeop! By now you know we recruit volunteers for our partner organisations, but Volunteer in Nigeria in itself is WORK!


We need service-oriented, young and bright people to join us on this journey of DOING great things.

The idea behind Volunteer in Nigeria is to connect organisations to service-oriented individuals who can take responsibility and produce success on tasks. We want these individuals to love community, have burning passion for the Nigerian society, and be crazy about social impact. We are raising leaders from today for today and tomorrow. These are people who are keen on rolling up their sleeves and making invaluable contributions for the love of it. You see – you cannot buy this breed of humans from the market. And these people do not become leaders by just talking and DOING nothing. They lead by DOING/SERVING.

Souls are perishing. Yass! That’s the way to say it. Nigeria is in dire straits – that is literally a code-red, attention situation. There is so much to do for our fellow brothers and sisters. So, we cannot be afraid and running away from DOING the WORK. BTW, there are all kinds of work to do. Everybody can get involved. So, the work we do at Volunteer in Nigeria is it!



Thought you would never ask!

So, Volunteer in Nigeria seeks media and partnership associates, a graphic artist, and an events person, who will have the fun option of choosing their job titles. These are volunteer roles. All will involve a lot of communicating and nurturing relationships. Work will be mostly virtually done and give you the chance to take active responsibility in your profession. There will be physical meetings sometimes. You will work as a team but also produce bright ideas that can be quickly put to work. It is critical to have good knowledge of Web 2.0 and how to use tech tools to do things simply.

Here are some things to note for each role.

Media/Partnership Associate I – Digital

This person is a social media-savvy development professional who knows about non-profit activities in Nigeria. You are an excellent writer who knows where to find what and who is needed on social media and other digital and web platforms. You can create compelling content and birth features.

Media/Partnership Associate II – Print/Electronic

This person is a web-savvy journalist and compelling story teller cum curator cum copywriter. You can create content and birth features. You have good knowledge of print and electronic media outlets.

Events Associate

This person is literally master or madam poise and etiquette. He/She can communicate effectively, can train others to act in a courteous manner, and can maintain great relationships. You should also understand how events work and be good with planning and organising them.

Consultant Graphic Artist

You are already a creative graphic artist, can generate fantastic ideas, can make picture and video work everyone loves, and just so willing to support our ministry.



To join the team at Volunteer in Nigeria, you need to:

  • Be a doer, be smart and be someone who is keen on reading and learning
  • Be young and very energetic
  • Check your heart and be sure it beats for humanity
  • Check with your vision and aspirations. Is this what you really want to be part of for life?
  • Be available 24/7 on Whatsapp and email
  • Have a laptop
  • Be resident in Lagos, Nigeria, possess a global mindset and national passion
  • Be available for team meet-ups on weekends or non-workdays
  • Speak fluently and write flawless English (any other language is advantageous)



Yes? We are glad! Leave us a comment below expressing your interest, telling us what you do currently, and including your active email. You know we sure need to know what role you want right? No tales or boring stories, but remember we do not know you so what you say will help us discover you. If we think this will be good for you, we will send you an email within two weeks. We will meet and chat.

No, you are not interested? Tell everyone you know. Thanks!


Let’s do this.

Come volunteer for Lagos Comic Con and KID-Con!

Lagos Comic Con is a creative convention that focuses on showcasing the creative industry that is booming in Nigeria! Volunteers are needed to support this initiative. Some of the volunteers will work with KID-Con, which is the kid version of the convention. They will participate in a ‘Tomorrowland in Africa’ event that will be screening, and a creative competition between secondary school students. They will need to engage with the participants, make sure students are accounted for, etc.

Another set of volunteers will act as support during registration, to answer questions from people who may need directions or to presenters who need information. Another set of volunteers will help with social media, engage participants in photographs and/or interviews.

Volunteers can expect to gain experience, network, and be inspired by activities in the creative industry in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

The event takes place on Saturday September 17, 2016 at Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. There will be training for volunteers selected on September 3, 2016.

We are looking for volunteers who are:

-Enjoy meeting new people
Volunteers will receive lunch and refreshments as well as t-shirts and certificates.



Step 1: Read the post requirements above carefully, taking note of the location

Step 2: Make sure you are resident in the state where the opening exists

Step 3: If you are fully available and interested, kindly register at (skip this step if you have registered in the past)

Step 4: Drop us a comment below this post (NOT the registration page) with your name, active phone number, active email address.


NOTE: Your comments with personal information will not be published. Please do not leave a comment if you have not registered and be sure to leave a comment on this very page with the opening announcement after you register. We close recruitment in about a week or two. Therefore, your comment needs to come in (and follow the guidelines above) before then to be considered. Thank you!


Openings at SOS Foundation, Abuja

Here are the latest openings at Skills outside School Foundation for those based in Abuja:


The Volunteer Media & Research Officer would find and develop relevant content for our social media platforms, monitor engagement on our social media platforms, develop and implement innovative online campaigns, write and publish press releases, feature the foundation on radio and other broadcasting platforms, design and develop email newsletters, and conduct research on the foundations activities.

If you are ambitious, have experience with social media for business, print media and are passionate about it, this is the position for you. You will learn the ins and outs of the organization to assist in making social media a productive part of our overall marketing efforts.

You must be able to think strategically and see how social media fits into the organization’s marketing strategy, not just telling our followers, but building long-lasting relationships by providing value to them. Volunteers must be able to assist in formulating social media plans (once ample information is provided to you), and then carry them out (with our assistance). You must be able to measure and document the impact of social media, and then suggest action-steps to increase impact.

Duties and responsibilities

  1. Social Media
  2. Updating and monitoring engagements on the foundations social media platforms
  3. Finding and developing relevant content of interest to our audience
  4. Tracking traffic to social media platforms and sending reports to the board on a monthly basis
  5. Developing interactive and innovative online campaigns, contests and competitions
  6. Archiving social media content and press releases
  7. Developing video podcasts with key research information and data for the website
  8. Create and maintain a content editorial calendar
  9. Uploading videos, photo albums, etc.
  10. Finding users to follow/friend/like our business
  11. Writing and posting blog posts/tweets/updates, etc. 2 – 5 updates each week
  12. Tracking the growth and the impact of social media on our organization
  13. Replying to comments, messages, etc.


II. Print Media

  1. Writing press releases for publishing in newspapers and online blogs/websites
  2. Securing radio stations to advertise the foundations’ activities



III. Email Newsletters

  1. Designing and updating email newsletters sent to members and other stakeholders


IV. Research on education, employability, unemployment, entrepreneurship, skills training and relevant legislation for updates to the foundations resource section and podcasts


Information about the role

  • Estimated hours required per week: 5-12 hours a week
  • The estimated duration of the role is12 months
  • This position is Virtual. However, the officer will be required to attend team meetings and attend the organisations events including the Career Mentoring Open Day and the Inter-School Competition as well as skills workshops in Abuja.
  • The position is unpaid. This is with the intention of converting the Media and Research Officer into a full time staff upon satisfactory confirmation of performance throughout the period.


Required Skills and Experience

  • Writing Skills
  • Research Skills
  • Excellent understanding of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram, blogs)
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office products, possesses functional knowledge or some experience with HTML/CSS
  • Excellent written and verbal communication, strong editing skills and an ability to work individually on a project or in a team environment
  • Be creative with an eye for design
  • Ability to develop a detailed and professional marketing plan
  • Knowledge of digital media software – Photoshop or other graphic design software, etc. is preferred
  • Knowledge of video editing software – iMovie, Final Cut, or Windows Live Movie Maker is a plus
  • Energy, with a desire to come up with fresh ideas on how to grow our online presence
  • Ability to identify a target market and “speak” to that consumer through social media
  • Experience proofreading and editing
  • Ability to contribute individually, and participate in cross-functional teams
  • Demonstrated ability to map out a marketing strategy and then drive that strategy proven by testing and metrics
  • Is self-directed, eager to meet and exceed objectives, and excited to take on more responsibility
  • Brings to the position organizational skills and the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously while meeting deadlines
  • Passionate about technology and innovation
  • Good understanding of different industries and how they leverage social media for their needs
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • 1-3 years of experience in multichannel content creation including print media (newspapers & radio)
  • Experience with independently managing several social media platforms
  • Experience with writing creative and well-researched pieces on a variety of issues (especially on education)
  • Creative self-starter who can work independently or on a team
  • Organized, ability to work independently, deadline driven, and able to manage multiple projects and engagements simultaneously
  • Strong attention to detail

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Graphic Design skills
  • Blog design skills
  • HTML, HTML5, Javascript, HTML, CSS 


The HEADSTART project is an educational support and career development project aimed at getting secondary students prepared for the tertiary education system and the entirety of their career phase by enriching them with the skills and tools to manage the demands of the present age tertiary institutions and the labour market.

The target beneficiaries are Senior Secondary Two to Three students. Each class cohort is a maximum of 20 students. The senior secondary school two to three students who enroll on the project will be taken through various stages of training both theoretically and by practical demonstration on skills and personal development initiatives that will empower them to successfully finish their secondary education, prepare them for tertiary education and make them fully endowed personnel in their chosen field of study/career of interest and/or empower them to be employers of labour.

The HEADSTART project will commence with a recruitment for student participants in December 2015. Registration and confirmation of places are expected to be completed in January 2016 with sessions commencing in the second week of January 2016. The duration of the program is 2 months between January and end of February 2016 with the option for a summer workshop commencing in July 2016


See details of a similar role here



Step 1: Register at (skip this step if you have registered in the past)

Step 2: Drop us a comment below this post with your name, active phone number, position interested in, and active email address.

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Our #IVD2014 project:

Volunteer for the LCA!!! Film Festival

The Lights, Camera, Africa!!! film festival (staged annually by The Life House, a non-profit) showcases the brightest ideas in African cinema. It promotes film making talent from within Africa—especially works from Nigerian filmmakers.

Some volunteers are needed to assist with logistics and general coordination. Festival T-shirts will be provided. Jeans are to be worn. Resourceful and enthusiastic and enthusiastic people who are interested in the arts, media and networking are particularly invited to volunteer on this one.

Date: Friday, 26 Sept – 1st October.
Venue: Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.
Time commitment is every day from 9am – 7pm.



Step 1: Register at

(Skip this step if you have registered in the past)


Step 2: Drop us a comment below this post with your name, email address, and phone number.

(Comments with personal information will not be published. Please do not leave a comment if you have not registered and be sure to leave a comment after you register)



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Current openings at Excel Charity Foundation

Volunteer alert!!!

Openings exist at a Foundation in  Lekki, Lagos State, and need to be filled immediately. Below are the details as given to us by a representative who contacted us.

The Foundation embarks on various social impact projects to make positive transformations in the lives of the under-served in our communities so as to re-ignite hope; restore dignity; and reform our society as a whole. Presently, we are planning the official luncheon of the Foundation which will be on June 1, 2013. After ten plus years of successfully implementing several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects and making great impact in communities across the globe, the Foundation is bringing its projects together under one umbrella on a global platform.

With this luncheon, we aim to create awareness about the activities of the Foundation as regards our health initiative, rehabilitation initiative, well-being initiative and education initiative to the general public. The objective of our initiative can only be achieved with the help of a number of volunteers to support us in preparation for the Foundation’s luncheon. We need people who can dedicate their time and services for the next six weeks (until June 2, 2013).


1. Accounting (1 volunteer needed)
Duties are:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   File documents, capture data into the system, balance accounts.

2. Fundraisers (2 volunteers needed)
Duties are:
Create awareness for the foundation’s launch; sell tickets and attract
sponsors for the foundation; Bring people for the event

3. Entertainment/Media  (2 volunteers needed)
Duties are:
Get contact details of artistes and celebrities; attract followers on the Foundation’s social media platform, publicize the Foundation’s
launch on social media.

4. Ushers (2 volunteers needed)
Duties are:
Register the guests for the launch, share and answer questions about the Foundation, attend to  guests’ needs.

Honorarium will be given to volunteers.

Volunteers may have to come to our office once or twice but they can execute their duties outside the office. The Accounting volunteer is required to work in our office daily or every other day. Their services will be needed for six weeks effective from now.

STATUS: These openings have now been filled up. Please reach out to us on Twitter to be put on a waiting list at