How to get off to a great start this New Year

We are in the first work week of the year and you probably have the year in perspective with your goals planned. Or maybe you do not. Either way, you want to apply big picture thinking to your endeavours this year.

Imagine being in your room and never leaving. That’s how myopic your resolutions are when they are all about you, your family and your friends-if you remember them.

What is your dream again? It is most likely about that thing you want to do that would get massive buy-in and increase your influence. You want your name to be easily recalled no matter who is asking or being asked, right?

You have no dream or goals? You at least admire the influencers on Twitter and LinkedIn. Think about Bill Gates, for example, who currently has 19,246,813 followers and follows 166 on Twitter. If we assume his followers are all the people that know him while he only follows those he knows, then we can estimate that he knows 0.00086248% of those who know him. And this case is not as extreme as that of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama who has 10,053,450 followers but follows no one.

So here’s what I am saying: a tangible vision (resolution, dream, goal or whatever you call it) is essentially about optimally affecting huge numbers of people beyond those you directly know. This is the concept organisations apply as they incorporate responsibility and sustainability practices. The need to support family and friends may provide compelling reasons to move towards your vision-when you already have one-but it is not all about them, for these 3 reasons at the minimum:

  1. Family and friends have proven to be the laggards in the innovation equation– Doubt me? Enter ‘late adopters’ in your search engine and check the results. If you are starting out an unfamiliar course, they get too familiar; they may be the latest adopters of your vision.
  2. You need a giant reservoir of motivation: For those days after you have enjoyed some level of success or want to quit, you need massive motivation and inspiration to draw from in solo moments. The crowds provide the best shot in the arm.
  3. As you get older, they just want you to eat and rest– A popular saying where I’m from says, “A fool at forty is a fool forever.” It loosely translates to: what you have not done at age 40 is late. Do you like KFC? Me too! Colonel Sanders did not START experimenting and trying out his restaurant franchise idea before he was 40 years old.

You may have more reasons. Share them with us in comments.

There you have it. With this new lens, go take an enlightened look at your resolutions or populate a new list, if you like. I hope you have a great year!


Chioma Tanwa makes people and brands lead, and is on Twitter and Facebook.