Featured: UyoCalyAxis blog

UyoCalyAxis touches down in Akwa Ibom and Cross River state axis. It is a blog that takes happening in this region to another level.
According to the promoters, they try to bring to the residents of Calabar and Uyo the type of news that they can relate with.
Enough of reading about things you never will comprehend and hearing about events involving people you may never meet.
What they bring is reporting that concerns the guy living next door such that every news item is one you can relate to; from news, to weddings to all sorts of events.


In a very short time, the blog has become the surfer’s choice and very popular amongst young people. “We want to stay focused on talking about the ordinary ‘Cross Riverian’ and ‘Akwa Ibomites,‘ as such, we feature events of people you see everyday in your neighborhood. So, don’t be too surprised if you wake up to read about that guy or lady that you work with at the same office or the lady in your local church who just got married.”


If you have an event coming up in future and you want to surprise your friends with the news, send it to us and we’ll make them only read about you just like a celebrity that you are. On Uyocalyaxis blog, everyone is a celebrity.