We are ONE!!!


This day, #1year ago, we sent out our very first tweet via @NaijaVolunteers and gave life to the Volunteer in Nigeria dream.

Although very glad to be amongst the set that actually see their dreams to reality, we cannot exactly say our imagination journeyed us this far in its one year plan. We have to say that as upstarts, imagination did not work much. Consistently leaning on God for direction, overwhelming passion, constant low cost internet and prolonged pro-bono behind-the-scenes working hours did it.

#DidYouKnow that some people subscribe for a Blackberry plan then take out the SIM card and insert it into a modem to browse on their laptops at an affordable rate? Lol…to cut the long story short, we survive! Now you see why we are going to be supporting Web Foundation’s Alliance for Affordable Internet forum at Abuja.

So to mark one year, we would be launching our Code of Engagement and advert options. Advertising with us is a great way to support our work whilst reaching a massively increasing audience. We already got one ad live before we were ever one year! Be sure to check The Fleuri Academy ——->

Also, we are working on having our Anniversary Open Day where our founder, @thetytestudent, gets to answer all your questions about what we are doing. Meanwhile, you may begin leaving comments below this post with your questions, comments, congratulatory messages, recommendations, etc.

Finally and most importantly, we launch the #JJCseries. This would be about sharing career progression/work experiences and other adventures people go through while job hunting.  We aim to chat via social media with a job seeker or professional weekly and publish regular promoted blog posts on the subject. Our hope is to adequately guide the career newbies (who Nigerians may call ‘Johnny Just Come’) whilst sharing relevant information to equip people (teenagers to adults) with success strategies for winning career plans.  Find out how to be featured on our chat here.

Bon Anniversaire and THANK YOU!

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