Submit an opportunity!

Here’s a typical scenario we are regularly faced with:

“Thanks Volunteer in Nigeria for notifying me about this program and giving info on how to get to the priority list. Every second, minute and hour spent at the SNEPco YEP’13 for the 4 days was worth it.”

Because this means great fulfillment for us, we aim to build remote and active information sharing communities so you never miss out on any career development opportunity within your state. If there is a training or conference coming up in your state of residence, you can share it so others can take advantage of the opportunity.

So in case you have been a passive member, it’s time to get talking to earn super credits!

We have groups you can join immediately on:

Whatsapp (08081807019)

Blackberry Messenger (27B1C341)


Or you could use the form below to let us know:

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