Thank you for your great help… I’ll still reach out to you now and again as we are always in need of volunteers and the people you have provided have been very talented.

-Efe Adefulu




“Thank you so much for introducing your organization to us! We had a great experience with our volunteers. They were very professional and a great help during the forum. “

– Emilie Yam




“Use volunteers when you can. We now have a reputable group,  @NaijaVolunteers, in Nigeria.” #bizinfo  #employees


Sky Nation logo

Real change towards the decrease in Nigeria’s unemployment rate correlates directly with organizations like this that are working to connect skilled workers with agencies unable to gain access to these types of capital. Not only is it a gain with regards to the experience attained for these volunteers but it is also empowering business and startups to grow by providing an initial seed capital which is often lacking at the initial stages before scalability.

Kayode Fatoba

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