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I sing, laugh out loud, may enjoy travelling extensively, and try to eat right & write plain British English. I live to make people and brands lead.

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How to get off to a great start this New Year

We are in the first work week of the year and you probably have the year in perspective with your goals planned. Or maybe you do not. Either way, you want to apply big picture… Read more here

11 thoughts on “Ask Chioma Tanwa

  1. Good day,
    I wasn’t sure if i registered in the past or just subscribed to email alerts for volunteering opportunities so i went ahead to comment on your post but it is still awaiting moderation.
    I have registered, but my comment is still awaiting moderation. do i need to make another comment on the KOM post?

    • Yes, Francisca. That is what it should say. Comments await moderation because they have to be approved to show up. If it has your phone number, it would not be approved but remains visible on the backend.

  2. Please, I discovered that most of the volunteering opportunities here are based in Lagos. I currently reside at Abuja, can’t we also have these opportunities here

  3. Hello Chioma
    This is a great blog/website. Do you have posts on free training for 2015 the ones i saw were for 2014. I really need these for some of my young friends. God bless you

  4. Hi Chioma,
    Is there anyway i can volunteer without m,y details being made public(comment box)?
    I am trying to apply fro root2foundation opening

  5. Hi Chioma, it’s been a month I finished my National Youth Service and I need to volunteer please. I’m a graduate of Food Science and Technology, and can volunteer anywhere from fitness home to Hospitals to corporate offices.
    I learn new things with ease and interest, good analytical skills. I’m also a good team player and leader, as I was the president of my CDS group (Editorial and Publicity) during service and was able to carry out great works. I can also work well under pressure whether supervised or not.
    I’ve been a registered member of this platform for a while now, I’m ready to be active.
    I’ll anticipate your quick response. Thank you.

    • Hello Pauline. Thanks so much for reaching out. Unfortunately we have not had any recent openings, but rest assured we are working to structure things out properly. Please keep on making your own individual effort towards your goal. Thank you.

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