Volunteer in Nigeria, working with partner organisations and resource persons, is championing the use of volunteering to foster development, national transformation and youth employment in Africa’s biggest economy and most populous nation. Development, national transformation and youth employment are undoubtedly very dire needs of our country, particularly national transformation which we interpret to mean the result of people empowered with practical leadership, hard and soft skills. Our project is innovative because we are helping organisations take into consideration the invaluable people that enable them reach their development goals-volunteers-owing to our equally important socio-economic and youth development focus. We believe that for youth volunteerism to be truly meaningful for development, it must impact the youth engaged in it.


We leverage our fast growing impact network to enable partnering organisations find game changing project and event support at no charge for non-profits. Our network comprises of people from varied backgrounds from pre-university youth to professionals and retirees. In only three months of establishment, we engaged youths meaningfully in four different states of the nation and brought succour to tens of projects and organisations. We have worked on up to a hundred high impact award-winning projects affecting millions of Nigerians positively. Our people gain a wide variety of soft, hard and leadership skills while on their assignments. Because they display credibility on their tasks, organisations take the further step of sending in job openings to us. They benefit from information on free career development opportunities.


Does your organisation:

  • Need project or event support?
  • Want Nigeria to host an international programme?
  • Need publicity or advert support?
  • Need to take your trainings, projects and events outside the main commercial hubs to other states?
  • Need to partner on empowerment programmes?


To contact us on behalf of your organisation, click here.

Want to commit your time and skills to some positivity? click here

To support us in any way, see the Get Involved page.



We are sociable!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NaijaVolunteers

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/VolunteerInNigeria

Add us as a friend: http://www.facebook.com/naijavolunteers

Website: http://volunteerinnigeria.org

Whatsapp Messenger: 08081807019

Blackberry Messenger: 27B1C341


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