Young, smart, creative and media-savvy? Come work with us!

Yeop! By now you know we recruit volunteers for our partner organisations, but Volunteer in Nigeria in itself is WORK!


We need service-oriented, young and bright people to join us on this journey of DOING great things.

The idea behind Volunteer in Nigeria is to connect organisations to service-oriented individuals who can take responsibility and produce success on tasks. We want these individuals to love community, have burning passion for the Nigerian society, and be crazy about social impact. We are raising leaders from today for today and tomorrow. These are people who are keen on rolling up their sleeves and making invaluable contributions for the love of it. You see – you cannot buy this breed of humans from the market. And these people do not become leaders by just talking and DOING nothing. They lead by DOING/SERVING.

Souls are perishing. Yass! That’s the way to say it. Nigeria is in dire straits – that is literally a code-red, attention situation. There is so much to do for our fellow brothers and sisters. So, we cannot be afraid and running away from DOING the WORK. BTW, there are all kinds of work to do. Everybody can get involved. So, the work we do at Volunteer in Nigeria is it!



Thought you would never ask!

So, Volunteer in Nigeria seeks media and partnership associates, a graphic artist, and an events person, who will have the fun option of choosing their job titles. These are volunteer roles. All will involve a lot of communicating and nurturing relationships. Work will be mostly virtually done and give you the chance to take active responsibility in your profession. There will be physical meetings sometimes. You will work as a team but also produce bright ideas that can be quickly put to work. It is critical to have good knowledge of Web 2.0 and how to use tech tools to do things simply.

Here are some things to note for each role.

Media/Partnership Associate I – Digital

This person is a social media-savvy development professional who knows about non-profit activities in Nigeria. You are an excellent writer who knows where to find what and who is needed on social media and other digital and web platforms. You can create compelling content and birth features.

Media/Partnership Associate II – Print/Electronic

This person is a web-savvy journalist and compelling story teller cum curator cum copywriter. You can create content and birth features. You have good knowledge of print and electronic media outlets.

Events Associate

This person is literally master or madam poise and etiquette. He/She can communicate effectively, can train others to act in a courteous manner, and can maintain great relationships. You should also understand how events work and be good with planning and organising them.

Consultant Graphic Artist

You are already a creative graphic artist, can generate fantastic ideas, can make picture and video work everyone loves, and just so willing to support our ministry.



To join the team at Volunteer in Nigeria, you need to:

  • Be a doer, be smart and be someone who is keen on reading and learning
  • Be young and very energetic
  • Check your heart and be sure it beats for humanity
  • Check with your vision and aspirations. Is this what you really want to be part of for life?
  • Be available 24/7 on Whatsapp and email
  • Have a laptop
  • Be resident in Lagos, Nigeria, possess a global mindset and national passion
  • Be available for team meet-ups on weekends or non-workdays
  • Speak fluently and write flawless English (any other language is advantageous)



Yes? We are glad! Leave us a comment below expressing your interest, telling us what you do currently, and including your active email. You know we sure need to know what role you want right? No tales or boring stories, but remember we do not know you so what you say will help us discover you. If we think this will be good for you, we will send you an email within two weeks. We will meet and chat.

No, you are not interested? Tell everyone you know. Thanks!


Let’s do this.

Come volunteer for Lagos Comic Con and KID-Con!

Lagos Comic Con is a creative convention that focuses on showcasing the creative industry that is booming in Nigeria! Volunteers are needed to support this initiative. Some of the volunteers will work with KID-Con, which is the kid version of the convention. They will participate in a ‘Tomorrowland in Africa’ event that will be screening, and a creative competition between secondary school students. They will need to engage with the participants, make sure students are accounted for, etc.

Another set of volunteers will act as support during registration, to answer questions from people who may need directions or to presenters who need information. Another set of volunteers will help with social media, engage participants in photographs and/or interviews.

Volunteers can expect to gain experience, network, and be inspired by activities in the creative industry in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

The event takes place on Saturday September 17, 2016 at Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. There will be training for volunteers selected on September 3, 2016.

We are looking for volunteers who are:

-Enjoy meeting new people
Volunteers will receive lunch and refreshments as well as t-shirts and certificates.



Step 1: Read the post requirements above carefully, taking note of the location

Step 2: Make sure you are resident in the state where the opening exists

Step 3: If you are fully available and interested, kindly register at (skip this step if you have registered in the past)

Step 4: Drop us a comment below this post (NOT the registration page) with your name, active phone number, active email address.


NOTE: Your comments with personal information will not be published. Please do not leave a comment if you have not registered and be sure to leave a comment on this very page with the opening announcement after you register. We close recruitment in about a week or two. Therefore, your comment needs to come in (and follow the guidelines above) before then to be considered. Thank you!