The worth of volunteering and #IVD2014 Highlights

The major highlight of the past week was delivering a radio outreach  in commemoration of the International Volunteer Day for Social and Economic Development (IVD). IVD, established by the United Nations General Assembly to be commemorated on 5th December annually, is about telling the world what volunteers and volunteer-involving organizations achieve for development.

The Volunteer in Nigeria media outreach project on International Volunteer Day spreads the message of volunteerism, meeting the critical need to advance the passion of volunteerism (using every medium possible). It was important to appeal to and inspire people (particularly the bulging youth population) and share more stories of local volunteering through the media. To these ends, 13 electronic media channels across the nation were used and this was the schedule:

Vibes FM Benin, Edo state. Between 12 and 2pm
104.1FM Vision Africa FM, Umuahia, Abia ‘I go yarn’ 8:30am
Odenigbo99.1 FM Anambra 7.30am
Radio One103.5FM Lagos: This Morning 9am
Cool TV Good Morning Nigeria Show
96.9 Cool FM 96.9 Abuja: Good Morning Nigeria Show 9am
Orange FM, Akure, Ondo state 9am
Search FM Minna, Niger state 9:30am
Raypower 93.5FM Ibadan, Oyo state. 12 noon
Liberty 91.7 FM Kaduna 9am
Grace FM Lokoja, Kogi state 11am
Cool FM Port Harcourt, Rivers state. 8:30am
Nigeria Info 99.3FM Lagos ‘Morning Crossfire’ 8:30am

The aims of the outreach were to spread the message of volunteerism, it’s dire importance to a developing nation with a critical unemployment and security situation, the double-edged benefits of volunteering (for development and to the volunteer), the necessity of the volunteering attitude in a region most in need of excellent leadership, and challenging the perception that sees ‘volunteer’ as the one who is not going to earn anything for all his hard work not as a productively purposeful action.

Promoting and supporting the culture of volunteerism in African countries like Nigeria is critical for many reasons. Volunteering impacts society for economic and social development. So, volunteers can work to deliver programmes and project that significantly affect the development situation of their country. There is much of such work and many unengaged young hands in need of something interesting to do. Moreover, the ideals of the volunteering disposition embody attitudes that are far too important for nation building.

If we must build communities of forward thinking Africans with keen interest in the region, volunteering cannot be perceived as a thing for those in development work or practice alone. We must consciously lead a generation of people who not only passionately pursue their careers (in any sphere of life) but take the time to volunteer their skills and time for the benefit of society.

Having young people talk about what they can do for their country and not just what their country can do for them was such a delight!


A BIG THANK YOU to all of our friends at the stations, Azuka, Bimbo Adebanjo, Johnnie Ugochukwu, Uju Chukwu, Collins Ajibola, Dare Oduale, Samuel, Ebenezer Avazi, Olufisola Agboola, Ukay Amele, Olamide, Samuel Ehikhuemen, Daniel Odekunle, Adebayo Omodepiver and Mayowa Salu!

SPECIAL APPRECIATION to Okunade Lukman and coordinator-at-large, Chioma Tanwa!


IVD 2014 Cool FM Abuja IVD 2014 Liberty FM Kaduna IVD 2014 Nigeria Info FM Lagos state IVD 2014 Olamide at Grace FM Kogi IVD 2014 Orange FM Akure Ondo state IVD 2014 Radio One Lagos IVD 2014 Rhythm FM PH Rivers IVD 2014 Search FM FUT Minna Niger state IVD 2014 Vibes FM Benin Edo state IVD 2014 Vision Africa FM Umuahia Abia state

Want to host us or be a part of this next time? Be sure to drop us a comment below immediately and we would be in touch. Thank you!

15 thoughts on “The worth of volunteering and #IVD2014 Highlights

  1. No matter the age, building relationships with people is crucial. Not only does the volunteer work you do as a student show who you are as a person, but it reflects many positive character traits that potential employers officers want to see. Volunteering allows you to meet a wide variety of people from all sorts of walks of life.

    Networking is an amazing benefit of volunteering, and students learn professional skills and have access to a breadth of knowledge from their co-volunteers. By gaining new experiences and creating new connections, volunteers are able to better visualize themselves in that field and explore the daunting question: can I see myself doing this for life? And, even if the organization you do get involved with has nothing to do with your intended career path, it might end up surprising you.
    finally, Volunteers are critical partners of and participants in societies throughout the world. Whether actively giving their time through a formal or ad hoc organizations, or taking part in what is sometimes called “informal volunteering” where citizens voluntarily participate in community activities or provide personal care for family, friends, neighbors, or even strangers as part of accepted cultural norms of giving and reciprocity. I want to give myself to Nigeria as a way to benefit the country, the knowledge that i have acquire during my undergraduate studies as a computer science student specialist in wed development.

  2. I would be delighted and grateful to be a part of this wonderful initiative next (this) year. Last year I could not be involved as it came pretty late for me. Good work you guys are doing. Looking forward to being a part of most of your programs this year.

  3. Very nice idea …I will love to be part of it next year ….I have not been receiving volunteering opportunities for sometime now and I stay in Lagos. Thank You

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