#JJCseries: How to not lose your job in 10 days- Pt. 2



5. Keep it professional: Your boss is more than likely not your friend. So always be friendly but maintain a professional distance. No need telling your boss of how you couldn’t manage to pay your rent or how your boyfriend broke your heart. These things usually backfire on you and can cost you your job. But be friendly with those below you too because they matter too.


6. Be friendly and have integrity:- when my boss thought I stole from him, it was the sales boy who spoke out in my absence and explained for me. This same sales boy had been accused the previous month of stealing but I vouched for all the times he had been with me. Can you see the story take another turn if I looked down on the boy? Be respectful of everyone.


Finally, and this actually should have come first


7. Always discuss terms:-I mean the terms of your employment and alwaysread through any document to which you append your signature. This is crucial. Some employers want to take advantage of you. When I wanted to quit one of my jobs, my contract said I had to give one month’s notice or forfeit a month’s salary. I wasn’t comfortable with this but I signed. When I decided to quit, I gave notice to my superior who told me to think about it but did not notify human resources. After I felt I had given enough time to pretend to think about it(don’t judge me, the working conditions were appalling) I told her I still wanted to leave. Then she asked me to notify the human resources department. This was a week to the end of the month and if I had done that, they would have insisted I work for one month and I wouldn’t have been paid for the 3 weeks extra I spent. So I kept shut and waited till the end of month, got paid and then spent 2 weeks for which I did not get paid which basically in essence was giving a months’ notice. So discuss all sick leaves and days off and if you happen to come into work on your day off because your boss needs to attend a wedding, always keep track of the evidence and collect.


I have a lot more employment stories to share which are in turns hilarious and informative but I guess this will do for now. Feel free to leave comments.



Jennifer is a medical professional. You may reach her via @djenyva on Twitter.

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