Out and about: March 2, 2014


Late last month, we received an invitation to the Consul General’s residence at Ikoyi, Lagos, on the occasion of the closing ceremony of the 2013 Carrington Youth Fellowship programme. Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative (CYFI) is a dynamic youth-based initiative launched in 2011 by the U.S. Consulate General, Lagos. CYFI brings together Nigerian youth of exceptional vision, skills and experience to design and implement projects that have a positive impact on Nigerian society. But that is not the juice.

Last year, we managed volunteer recruitment for the Promenade Youth Initiative, one of the CYFI projects. Their ambitious goal was to empower 1000 youth in 5 public secondary schools in Lagos with the capacity to start up their own businesses and function effectively as leaders within their communities between May and December 2013. We are delighted to disclose that Promenade Youth Initiative won the Best Team Award for the year.

Promenade Youth training

Some of the Promenade volunteers and their tutors after their training


Co-founders Hezekiah and Akin receiving the award from US Counsellor Ambassador Tom Shannon and the Consul-General Jeffrey Hawkins


A big congratulations to everyone who gave his/her time to this great work!

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