10 Characteristics Of Really Interesting People

Having met a few thousand Nigerians, and tens of expatriates while networking, working in groups and several interaction platforms. I have noticed certain qualities of interesting people and what makes them fun to be with, lively, charming and lovable.

Interesting people are those that are happier, healthier, more positive. They readily have Social, Physical and cognitive resources that make them lovable, charming and fun to be around.

Here’s what I would call 10 characteristics of really interesting people:

1. Adventurous; The world outside to them is always 3D, coloured, and a path to be discovered.

2. Generous; they share what they discover.

3. Active; Even the slowest progress is progress forward, they don’t stop learning or growing.

4. Strange; Shine a spotlight on your weirdness. Get it insured. One word: SPONTANEOUS.

5. Caring; If you don’t care about anything, nobody’s going to give a damn about you. They are always showing empathy.

6. Humble; they minimise the swagger. Egos get in the way of ideas and learning.

7. Daring; Try and fail, and try a few more times. They are never quitters.

8. Original; Hop off the bandwagon. They don’t follow the crowd, they do it their own way.

9. Brave; Grow a pair, they JUST DO IT. You need to be ballsy to get it done. Ladies, yours need to be massive.

10. Self-Assured; they don’t get down by lazy remarks or compliments. Boo to those who say, ‘Sit down. Behave yourself’. ‘Keep your head down’. They always trust their abilities.

Are you interesting? Or want to be more interesting. Take a quick snap and give this a try. I didn’t include smiling, why? Because I believe if you have all this characteristics, a SMILE won’t leave your face.

Think there’s any I’ve missed out or didn’t add? Share them with Me on twitter @Heraclesayo or post a comment.

Samuel Akinlotan is a budding Human resources consultant/Trainer

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