#IVD2013 Campaign

The International Volunteer Day for Social and Economic Development(IVD), established by the UN General Assembly to be commemorated on 5th December every year, is about telling the world what volunteers and volunteer-involving organizations achieve for rounded development.

Volunteering that works cannot be taken for granted. It needs to be recognized, facilitated, networked and promoted. Organisations that understand the value of volunteering celebrate IVD by establishing volunteering programmes for social impact.

Working with extra hands can help organisations:

-grow effectively thereby contributing to national development

-plan projects and events without disrupting course of work at the office

-make cheaper and wiser recruitment decisions by getting to know the working habits of the volunteers who they can hire

Moreover, volunteering can help the volunteer make important networking contacts, learn or develop skills, impart skills, enhance résumé, gain work experience, build self-esteem and self-confidence, improve health, meet new people, feel needed and valued, express gratitude for help received in the past from an organization, communicate to others that you are ambitious, enthusiastic and care about the community, make a difference in someone’s life. Volunteering improves the likelihood that children will volunteer as adults and helps groom responsible generations for our nation.


Sure enough, our great team went out and about in a number of states to ensure our radio outreach to spread the message of youth volunteerism and engaging volunteers was a huge success. In some states, the plan fell through but we made the effort-sowed seeds for next time. Big big appreciation to Adebayo and Osato! It was amazing to see virtually all the fruitful contacting and scheduling happen within a space of 3 days. And Moyo is a super woman! Many thanks to our trainer and coordinator-at-large, Chioma Okereke!!!


Ebuka and Abdul discussed with Sophie at Cool FM Kano state and even received some phone calls of commendation.

IVD 2013 Cool FM Kano 2

Do Daniels always take the city? Indeed! Daniel was on MITV Ibadan, Oyo state. He was also on radio- Star FM and possibly some other platforms I do not yet know.

IVD 2013 MITV Ibadan Oyo state

Daniel again...

IVD 2013 Star FM Ibadan Oyo

Uju and Moyo took the reins in the Centre of Excellence on Top radio 90.9FM Lagos. They had an engaging discussion with Wyse. Thank you Wyse!

 IVD 2013 Top Radio Lagos

Oh my! Joel was too helpful. Orange FM Akure, Ondo state got a piece of the action.

IVD Orange FM Akure

Do not let this picture deceive you. Innocent received

at least 7 calls of enquiry after leaving the Rhythm FM Port

Harcourt studio at Rivers state! He even robed in

Zubby, the very helpful On-Air Personality, who

said he would be interested in volunteering.

IVD2013 Rhythm 93.7 PH 

Special thanks to Bankole the Bvibes blogger and EDK.

We were live on Vibes FM Benin, Edo state.

 IVD2013 Vibes FM Benin 

Finally, Margaret was on OGBC radio, Ogun state.

THANK YOU Margaret!

IVD 2013 OGBC 

So went the great day! By the way, the pictures were not taken with professional cameras. Remember there is always something you can do to make our country and the world a far better place.


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