Giving and gifts

Happy happy Boxing day fam!

As the year ends, what is most fulfilling and satisfying is knowing-not that you have houses and other assets but-that you have reliable people. I have to say that THIS PROJECT HAS BROUGHT TOGETHER THE MOST AMAZING PEOPLE! Oh my! Talk about Samuel, Uju, Bimbo, Ebukaaaa, Tola, Moyo, Jire, Gbemisola, Janet, Nancy, Franca, Chibuike, Innocent, Osato, Adebayo, Ademola, Dami Rotiwa hahaa etc. Whew! I know I have got you thinking I know them all and the other hundreds unmentioned who prefer to stay behind the scenes-but let me announce to you that I do not. For many, their ‘names’ have gone before them. Like the French would say, “votre réputation vous précède.”

So on 24th December, tens of us went giving, courtesy Love project at Bariga, Lagos state. It was our first project with a non-registered organisation.

Love projecttt

Somebody selflessly baked and donated a cake. Oh, someone else gave up his salary.

Love projecttttttttt

Over 600 people were touched, going home with food and clothing items.

Love projecttttt

Love projectttttttttt

Love projectttttttttttt

And there was free medical testing and counseling.

Love projectttttttt

All the high chiefs (Baales) in Bariga came around. The young man there is Odunayo, the visioneer.

Love projectttttt

The most priceless gift we enjoyed this year was definitely NOT




Finally, as you box those gifts open today, take a moment  to read about Bishop Kodji Island as told by Tina at

Tina has initiated #toilet4kodji and #water4kodji awareness for Bishop Kodji island and we are glad to help push that. We also got thinking about what we can do for the community this season. Sharing food? What are your thoughts? Would you like to help? How? Leave us comments!


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