Announcing #Strike101 #actioncounts #IVD2013

Hello family!In our passionate quest to make life better for people, we have encountered countless young people who have no idea what to do with their lives during a waiting period. Examples of waiting periods include the current strike period which has lingered for about one two three FOUR months. I try not to think that four months is one-third of a year but every time I put my brain back on, I realise that’s a dangerous amount of time for a youths to remain idle (in -ember period).In fact, a little bird told me you felt crime rates spike.

We chose to feel enormous pressure during this past four months. What we did? We put in great and resilient effort into creating more opportunities for engagement and keeping our community abreast of meaningful information on workshops and other career development events. The result? Many of our members confess we have made the period easier to handle! Events like the Unilever campus workshop and LEAP/SNEPCO Youth Empowerment Programme saw very many of us in attendance. Currently, a number of us are on the Huawei ICT training programme or registered for the next batch. Have you registered? We were also able to get quick unpublished jobs for some from friends of our project. Have you enjoyed any of these opportunities? Kindly leave us a comment.
We believe that action counts.
In the spirit of the International Volunteer Day to be celebrated December 5, we are asking university students to volunteer to share what they have been doing since the  universities’ strike began with us. We also welcome other people who have witnessed waiting periods to tell us how they productively seized the season. This includes professionals at all levels and former university students. Do you know anyone going through a waiting period? What advice did you give?

We believe that sharing experiences is a great way to influence attitude and help others deal with the ‘situation’ a waiting period can be.

Are you ready to influence some other person’s life? Take action now:
-Head over to our Facebook page and tell us what you did during your own waiting period
-Alternatively, you could add us as a friend and share it in a note with us tagged.
We’d be sharing the most inspiring responses. Be sure to join in via #Strike101.
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