Openings at CCSF Abuja


Chika Chukwumerije Sport Foundation (CCSF) is an Abuja-based NGO that uses sports as a tool of development to empower individuals.

They would be needing  volunteers to help out with their 2nd International Taekwondo Opens which aims to feature dignitaries from around West Africa.

Meetings will be held on 15th & 16th October 2013. Venue is the Korean Cultural Centre on the 15th of October 2013, and Sheraton Abuja Hotel on the 16th of October 2013.


1. NETWORKING OPPORTUNITY: The quality of participation is across 8 countries, 24 Nigerian States, and other key institutions like the Nigeria Police, and Paramilitary Units [Immigrations, Customs and NSCDC]. With a rich diversity of Nigerian and West African community coming, this is a great way to make new friends and explore fresh opportunities.
2. BE PART OF RIO 2016 OLYMPIC DISCOVERY: They were both discovered through CCSF events like this. We expect to unearth more talented youngsters for the 2016 Global event. By volunteering this event, your contributions would help streamline activities that would make our discovery hunt more successful.
3. MEETING BUDDING AND NATIONAL SPORTING STARS: Taekwondo might not be football, but it certainly has its share of colourful, interesting and enigmatic budding stars. You might never know who you take a picture with that would be future Olympic Gold Medallist or World Champion.
4. HAVE FUN: Abuja has already thrown everything that it has in terms of fun and entertainment. Even though, these activities still keep us entertainment, an event like this could bring a fresh lease of energy to our interest levels, and provide just the difference we all look for sometimes.

Interested and already signed up with us? Leave a comment saying “I am interested.” Otherwise, please sign up using the form below. Please only apply for this post if you are at Abuja.


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