Openings for EMAC Walk 2013

Exquisite-Magazine-Walk-Against-Cancer pic

The Exquisite Magazine against Cancer Walk (formally known as the Exquisite Fashion Party) is an event which has been held quarterly since 2006. EMAC is held to increase the awareness for cervical, breast and prostate cancer and also screen people free.


Yearly, the Exquisite Magazine team has been able to screen a number of people free of charge at the exquisite fashion party. Instead of a party, the Exquisite Magazine Against Cancer walk has been created with the aim of screening even more people. In the last 2 years, 25% of the people screened had early stages of cervical cancer and the team aims to help raise more awareness for cancer and highlight the importance of early detection.

The aim is to continue to increase the awareness for;

  • Cervical cancer (the only cancer with a pre cancerous stage) which kills one woman every hour in Nigeria
  • Breast cancer which kills a woman every minute
  • Prostate cancer where eight in ten black men will be affected in their lifetime.


We have been informed by the editor of the magazine that volunteers are needed to help distribute fliers next week as well as help on the day of the walk to coordinate people and offer general assistance.

Don’t just remain with the crowd-contribute! If you are already signed up with us, kindly leave a comment saying “I am interested.” If you have not, fill the form below. Limited spaces are available. Kindly apply by Sunday, September 1, 2013.



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