Get-Invigorated Conference

The Get-Invigorated Conference is a 4-day bi-annual event made possible by Boulevard D ‘Invigoration International. This is geared towards the attainment of the consolidation and expansion of her “Pan African Anti-Obesity Syndrome Project” aimed at preserving lives and empowering people. Volunteers are needed to play the roles of Protocol Officers, Media Personnel, Front Desk Officers, Contact Officers, Helpdesk Administrators and Ushers during the 4 days of the conference from 25th to 28th of July. The venue for the Get Invigorated Conference is the University of Lagos Main Auditorium. The volunteers will also be the only authorized persons required to vend the “Special Concession Tickets” for this much anticipated event.

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Interested volunteers would be required to pay a REFUNDABLE sum of 1,000 Naira only (One Thousand Naira Only), for their MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION KIT. This exempts them from paying the regular sum of Twenty Five Thousand Naira for the conference ticket and grants them the prerogative of enjoying all the benefits of the conference.

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1.   It shall be a 4-day course of twenty four (24) uptight and closed circuited sessions in all, with over twenty keynote facilitators who will be speaking and training from the wealth of their experiences. This indeed shall be a loaded value accentuation package for all volunteers.


2.   Arrangements have been made for all the lecture materials to be dispensed to every volunteer at no cost.


3.   A bundle of resource materials worth over $1000 USD for “Human Capital Development, Personal Effectiveness And Corporate Effectiveness Development” will be made available to all volunteers.


4.   There shall be some job openings for volunteers who would like to work on part time basis, full time basis or as recurrent volunteers for experience and career development.


5.   Transportation allowance will be given to volunteers for the four days of the program


6.   Feeding will be taken care of by the management, for the volunteers.


7.   All volunteers will be professionally equipped for the next business and job opportunities that come their way and volunteers who are currently working will be well equipped to be highly effective and stand out in their various companies and organizations.



8.    There shall be ample opportunities for the volunteers to network with very important people and improve the quality of their circle of influence.


9.  All volunteers will enjoy the benefits of having their Curriculum Vitae and their career profiles rebranded by our HR-plus Professionals.


10.  Furthermore, adequate preparations have been made for every volunteer to experience unforgettable moments during recess hours as the top 7 eateries in Nigeria will be present throughout the period of the program.


11.   DVDs, Audio CDs and MP3 formats of all the lectures will be available on demand, to volunteers.


We look forward to getting your response on or before July 12th because you will be called for a brief training before the conference.

Volunteers can signup at




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