Prove you can do this! (The sequel)

NEW School

So you have to prove that you are suitable for an offer but you find that you have neither experience nor track record, what can you do?

Tell a story

Don’t just mutter some grammatically correct sentences. Leave everyone listening with a remarkable experience-a story to remember you with. Chances are there is going to be a period of deliberation on whether to make you an offer and you need to etch the meeting with you in the distinctive side of his/her/their memory. You have no story to tell? Really? Tell a story about that time when somebody showed outright disbelief in your abilities but gave you the chance instinctively despite confusing hesitation. Then, explain how you came through like a knight. Whatever you do, design your plot around the hesitation and your coming through like the genius I am training you to be.


Talk like a pro


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