Openings for Youth training facilitators in Lagos

A youth engagement project of the Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative of the US Consulate General Lagos has partnered with us to facilitate the recruitment of 35 credible volunteers for its upcoming Leadership and Entrepreneurship training of students of public secondary schools in Lagos. The goal of the initiative is to reach 1000 students in 5 public secondary schools.


Volunteers should be:

– Passionate about teaching Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Social Change
– Available for 6 Wednesdays between October and November 2013
– Available for 2 Saturdays in August 2013 (for training).
Volunteers may fall into any of these 3 categories:
– Working class professionals who can spare 3 hours every Wednesday for 6 weeks between October and November
– Entrepreneurs who manage/run their own businesses and have flexible schedules
– Students who run their own businesses or have ran a business in the last two years
NOTE: Previous facilitation experience and experience working with youth will be an added advantage. Volunteers would be subject to assessment to ensure they are a good fit.
Volunteers will:

+Get a weekly transportation stipend

+Be awarded a certificate of volunteering from Promenade Youth Initiative and Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative of the US Consulate General, Lagos

+Be hosted to a closing dinner/lunch

+Get the opportunity to meet and network with young professionals passionate about social change in Nigeria

+ Be part of a network of change agents making a difference in Nigeria

LOCATIONS (Volunteers will have to choose their preferred location):







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13 thoughts on “Openings for Youth training facilitators in Lagos

  1. I need the link to apply for the youth engagement training facilitator. I am available and well qualified for the position.

  2. I’m proud of you guys. This is a laudable initiative. I’m a volunteer social worker so I’ve an idea of the challenges you must have surmounted to achieve this.
    Anyway, holla @mielp anytime your train passes through the ancient city. Way to go champs!

  3. Its time the youth understand that they have a big role to play in this country. Am also a youth leading a youth group(well some are older than me). Good work and keep moving.

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