Openings for Project Map Edo

Edo state has unique potentials to generate revenue through tourism seeing it has so many historic relevance, a rich cultural heritage and of recent, good roads to ease exploration. MapEdo initiative is driven to boost the Tourism industry in Edo state. They would be adding roads, places, art and cultural centres, craft shops, ATMs, relaxation centres, recreation centres, best routes, hotels industries and many other landmarks to Google Maps so people all around the world can discover places in Edo state, easily navigate its environs and easily plan having a vacation in the state, resulting in boosted sales and demand for local products and services further improving the state’s economy.

The project has been supported so far by Google, University of Benin International ICT centre and the Nigerian Observer. The MapEdo project is managed by the University of Benin Google Student Ambassadors.


Objectives of the project:

  • To strengthen the Edo State Map Making community.

  • To help with directions to favourite hangouts, places or even Emergency Services.

  • To train individuals on digital Map Making skill.

  • To spore Community service and development amongst young adults

  • To show the total and more accurate view of the Edo State so as to ensure its global relevance.

  • To provide more accurate and representative local information which improves the breadth of information available about a given area, helps foster exploration, and in turn bolsters tourism and business investments.
  • To help new and prospective visitors who want to explore the state without getting lost.

  • Detailed map information can help users better navigate the world and learn about new places, especially when searching for local information.

    Target Audience:

    • Individuals who know places in Edo State (streets, industries, roads, banks, ATMs, Hospitals etc..

    • Persons from the state’s Ministry of Works and planning.

    • Persons concerned with tourism affairs in Edo State.

    • The Media, TV stations, Radio, Newspapers etc.

    • Detailed paper map-owners.

    • Students from tertiary institutions in Edo State (UNIBEN, OAU, BIU, COLBEN..) who love cartography and are interested in contributing to the online map of Edo State.

Google will be sending digital certificates to MapUp participants who create at least 5 approved edits during the MapUp, in recognition of their participation. This is aside other Google Swags they would be getting!



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Featured: UyoCalyAxis blog

UyoCalyAxis touches down in Akwa Ibom and Cross River state axis. It is a blog that takes happening in this region to another level.
According to the promoters, they try to bring to the residents of Calabar and Uyo the type of news that they can relate with.
Enough of reading about things you never will comprehend and hearing about events involving people you may never meet.
What they bring is reporting that concerns the guy living next door such that every news item is one you can relate to; from news, to weddings to all sorts of events.


In a very short time, the blog has become the surfer’s choice and very popular amongst young people. “We want to stay focused on talking about the ordinary ‘Cross Riverian’ and ‘Akwa Ibomites,‘ as such, we feature events of people you see everyday in your neighborhood. So, don’t be too surprised if you wake up to read about that guy or lady that you work with at the same office or the lady in your local church who just got married.”


If you have an event coming up in future and you want to surprise your friends with the news, send it to us and we’ll make them only read about you just like a celebrity that you are. On Uyocalyaxis blog, everyone is a celebrity.

Openings for rapporteurs in Calabar

The 2013 Africa CEO Roundtable & Conference on CSR (AR-CSR™), a continent-wide CEO Round-table and Conference on  Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility is scheduled to take place between June 20-21, 2013 at the Tinapa Business Resort, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria with the theme, ‘Driving Innovation through Transformational Leadership & Sustainability’.


This event remains the all-inclusive Sustainability Management event of the year and the first of its kind in Africa. Leaders from a variety of sectors from far and wide within and outside the continent will gather to share their expertise and experiences on an array of Business and Development topics.


According to a Senior Consultant in the organising company, they would be needing three  rapporteurs based in Calabar to listen to conference proceedings, take relevant notes and submit same for the conference report. This is a great opportunity for those with very good business blogging and communication skills based in Calabar.





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Openings for GEMSTONE Nation Builders Network Launch in Lagos

Founded by Fela Durotoye in 2012, the GEMSTONE NATION BUILDERS FOUNDATION (GNBF) seeks to inspire, empower, motivate and raise leaders of excellence at every level of the society; who will be committed to the process of building Nigeria into the world’s most desirable nation to live in by 2025.

We have been contacted by the Project Coordinator and they require 10 volunteers during the event on Saturday, May 18 2013, for Protocol and Registration Units. The Launch takes place at Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos, and volunteers would be expected to report by 9:30am. Volunteering at this event presents an exciting opportunity to work with the core team behind this great work and to take a stand as a distinguished nation builder as opportunities to take responsibilities at their office would be communicated.


Openings at Insiteful Solutions&Consult Abuja

Hello Abuja people!

A small consulting firm that just started business in Wuse 2, Abuja, has three openings for support staff with freelance/flexible working hours in the following capacities :

1. Accounting
2. Human Resource Management
3. Social Media/website creation


Corps members or graduates looking to keep busy for a few hours a week, who really want to work/learn/meet people instead of being bored.

Benefits will include:

1. Mentoring
2. Networking
3. Internet access for up to 6 hours a week
4. Learning of practical skills
5. Free training in specific competencies
6. Practical work experience in an office and in the field
7. Stipend for transport. Payment during event
8. Chance to attend events and business dinners
9. First hand knowledge of current events in Abuja


Our Twitter discussion series kicks off tomorrow



Our Twitter discussion series (#ShareYourVolunteeringMiracle) kicks off tomorrow by 6pm. Our first guest is Damilola Oyedele, a management consultant and contributing editor with Y! Magazine.


#ShareYourVolunteeringMiracle was initiated to encourage mentors to share volunteering experiences that have been pivotal to their career advancement. It is an effort to employ story telling in the movement to encourage volunteering amongst our young people.



Did you catch us on Eko 89.7FM?

We were invited to Eko 89.7 FM yesterday, Saturday, 11th May 2013. Accompanied by the Head of Human Resources of the Lagos World Record Challenge, Afolarin Anifowoshe, we featured on Familiar Stranger where we spoke a little on volunteering and the project.

ekoFM logo

We would also be back on the radio station on 18thMay2013 by 6:00pm for ‘Youth Mag.’