Current openings at Excel Charity Foundation

Volunteer alert!!!

Openings exist at a Foundation in  Lekki, Lagos State, and need to be filled immediately. Below are the details as given to us by a representative who contacted us.

The Foundation embarks on various social impact projects to make positive transformations in the lives of the under-served in our communities so as to re-ignite hope; restore dignity; and reform our society as a whole. Presently, we are planning the official luncheon of the Foundation which will be on June 1, 2013. After ten plus years of successfully implementing several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects and making great impact in communities across the globe, the Foundation is bringing its projects together under one umbrella on a global platform.

With this luncheon, we aim to create awareness about the activities of the Foundation as regards our health initiative, rehabilitation initiative, well-being initiative and education initiative to the general public. The objective of our initiative can only be achieved with the help of a number of volunteers to support us in preparation for the Foundation’s luncheon. We need people who can dedicate their time and services for the next six weeks (until June 2, 2013).


1. Accounting (1 volunteer needed)
Duties are:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   File documents, capture data into the system, balance accounts.

2. Fundraisers (2 volunteers needed)
Duties are:
Create awareness for the foundation’s launch; sell tickets and attract
sponsors for the foundation; Bring people for the event

3. Entertainment/Media  (2 volunteers needed)
Duties are:
Get contact details of artistes and celebrities; attract followers on the Foundation’s social media platform, publicize the Foundation’s
launch on social media.

4. Ushers (2 volunteers needed)
Duties are:
Register the guests for the launch, share and answer questions about the Foundation, attend to  guests’ needs.

Honorarium will be given to volunteers.

Volunteers may have to come to our office once or twice but they can execute their duties outside the office. The Accounting volunteer is required to work in our office daily or every other day. Their services will be needed for six weeks effective from now.

STATUS: These openings have now been filled up. Please reach out to us on Twitter to be put on a waiting list at

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