Help Vincent(1)

The picture says it all. Vincent needs help.

We got to know Vincent’s former classmate, Lola, and his close friend, Ehitare. SO THIS IS TRUE. Here’s the information Ehitare gave about Vincent:

Why save Vincent? Vincent was diagnosed of leukaemia and is currently hospitalized at University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH). He needs N10million for bone marrow transplant abroad.

Throughout 2012, Vincent C. Nwokedi passionately headed an army of Pharmacy students into the streets of Benin on a mission to save Nigerian youths from loosing their lives to drug abuse and dependence. His anti-drug abuse/misuse program started in University of Benin from where its impact went around the City and beyond. In just one year, this young man from Anambra state turned the lives of many drug abusers around, giving them reasons to dump their bad habits and preserve their lives. If he could do this as a student in his penultimate year, imagine what impact he would have on the society at large when he finally becomes a Pharmacist this year 2013 in which he is to graduate.

This is a clarion call to all Nigerians. Arise and help Vincent today. Help keep him alive. A minimum of N2000 is not too much to help cure him. However, if you do not have money now, you can pray for him.

His bank account details:
Account number :2100053461
Zenith Bank Plc

Vincentt Photo credit: Ehitare

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God bless!

Current openings at Excel Charity Foundation

Volunteer alert!!!

Openings exist at a Foundation in  Lekki, Lagos State, and need to be filled immediately. Below are the details as given to us by a representative who contacted us.

The Foundation embarks on various social impact projects to make positive transformations in the lives of the under-served in our communities so as to re-ignite hope; restore dignity; and reform our society as a whole. Presently, we are planning the official luncheon of the Foundation which will be on June 1, 2013. After ten plus years of successfully implementing several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects and making great impact in communities across the globe, the Foundation is bringing its projects together under one umbrella on a global platform.

With this luncheon, we aim to create awareness about the activities of the Foundation as regards our health initiative, rehabilitation initiative, well-being initiative and education initiative to the general public. The objective of our initiative can only be achieved with the help of a number of volunteers to support us in preparation for the Foundation’s luncheon. We need people who can dedicate their time and services for the next six weeks (until June 2, 2013).


1. Accounting (1 volunteer needed)
Duties are:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   File documents, capture data into the system, balance accounts.

2. Fundraisers (2 volunteers needed)
Duties are:
Create awareness for the foundation’s launch; sell tickets and attract
sponsors for the foundation; Bring people for the event

3. Entertainment/Media  (2 volunteers needed)
Duties are:
Get contact details of artistes and celebrities; attract followers on the Foundation’s social media platform, publicize the Foundation’s
launch on social media.

4. Ushers (2 volunteers needed)
Duties are:
Register the guests for the launch, share and answer questions about the Foundation, attend to  guests’ needs.

Honorarium will be given to volunteers.

Volunteers may have to come to our office once or twice but they can execute their duties outside the office. The Accounting volunteer is required to work in our office daily or every other day. Their services will be needed for six weeks effective from now.

STATUS: These openings have now been filled up. Please reach out to us on Twitter to be put on a waiting list at http://twitter.com/NaijaVolunteers

Openings at a world record event in Lagos

Hello Lagosians!

We are recruiting volunteers for a public oral health project directed at adolescents and culminating in a World Record Attempt taking place simultaneously at over 300 locations in Lagos. Based on the nature of the project, over 3,000 volunteers would be needed to facilitate planning and implementation of the project. This presents an opportunity for volunteers to gain invaluable project management experience, especially since the project is set to break a world record. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A CHARITABLE SERVICE ATTRACTING NO SERVICE CHARGE FROM THE ORGANIZATION OR VOLUNTEERS. Kindly review the different roles and duties as given us by the organization below.



Logistics Team – The logistics team is responsible for the co-ordination of onsite logistics (Venue & Core team Co-ordination, Internal Planning, Partner Sessions, Reception & Registration process), and logistics (onsite/off-site operations) teams.

1. Assistance to the Head of the Delegate Servicing (DS) team in logistical management to promote synergy & planning of the events.

2. Coordinate the overall transport plan, including management and communication with the transport companies

3. Assistance with Pre-Event Networking & Press Conferences.

4. On-site Logistics (Venue & Core team, internal planning, breakaway rooms, partner sessions).

5. Coordination of the on-site Human Resources (HR) Team (HR Planning & Resource Allocation) and Delegate Servicing Team.

6. Team reception & registration & logistical management of on-site operations teams.

Ideal Skills/Profile of the Logistics team members

a. Excellent interpersonal & team management skills

b. Strong ability to multi task

c. Excellent planning/execution skills and solution oriented attitude

d. A strong and diverse background in communication

External Relations (ER) Team: The ER team is responsible for fundraising and finding in-kind partnerships to meet the budget for the Lagos world record project. Below are the duties of the ER team before and during the world record attempt:

1. Partnership management (Delivery/Servicing, Partnership Enhancement & Communication).

2. Coordinate with the onsite ER team during the event and responsible for on-site coordination of externals.

3. Follow-up with Partners/Sponsors & Patrons post-world record attempt day.

4. Assist in production and design of project-related publications (Brochures, Website, and Merchandise).

5. Coordination of keynote speakers, government officials and other dignitaries attending the opening ceremony.

Ideal Skills/Profile of the External Relations Team members

a) Strong fundraising background and related competencies (selling and partnership management)

b) A working style that is goal-oriented.

c) A high level of awareness of the external environment in general, and of the Indian Industry in particular.

d) Excellent communication skills

e) Excellent Presentation skills

Communications Team

This team is responsible for the overall communication details of the project as well as development of key messages for all audiences to communicate the project’s core brand identity. The duties of this team are:

1. Oversee the writing of press releases, copy for marketing materials, project reports, advertisements, and other related material.

2. Manage media relations, research editorial opportunities and build relationships with key industry media players.

3. Work closely with the web manager to ensure messaging is consistent with overall marketing and communication of objectives before and after the World Record Attempt.

4. Lead agencies and internal team members, where appropriate, to execute all communication activities and Public Relations (marketing materials, advertising, client communications, direct mail, marketing campaigns, press releases, content for trade publications, etc.).

5. Overall responsibility for social media marketing.

6. Perform related work as required.

Ideal Skills/Profile for Communications Team

a. PR/Media/Journalism/Advertising backgrounds would be preferred.

b. Excellent English language skills and creative writing skills

c. Very good understanding of Web 2.0 and social media tools

d. A basic awareness of the Media & Public Relations environment.

e. Basic knowledge of graphics software like Adobe Photoshop/Corel Draw, HTML editors like MS FrontPage

Delegate servicing team – The delegate servicing team is responsible for the communication with delegates/stakeholders attending the world record event on the 23rd of May, 2013. Below are the duties of this team:

1. Ensuring that each delegate goes back with a WOW! Experience

2. Ensure all systems are in place for delegates’ needs during the world record event- health, personal, safety etc.

3. Maintain delegate help desk during the world record event, provide assistance to delegates, being aware of all relevant information

4. Develop reception systems and work closely with the Head of logistics.

5. Overall responsibility for all immigration related support for international delegates (Guinness World Record team from the UK) attending the event.

Ideal Skills/Profile for Delegate Servicing Team

a. Excellent inter-personal & team management skills.

b. Strong ability to multi-task.

c. Excellent planning and execution skills, solution oriented attitude.

d. Excellent relationship management skills

e. Excellent communication skills

Information Systems (IS) Team – The IS team is responsible for the overall Information Systems that will power the operations of specifics during the World Record event. Below are the duties of the IS team:

a. Development & Maintenance of the project website.

b. Development of the event registration database

c. Planning, developing and implementing the IS budget, obtaining competitive prices from suppliers where appropriate, to ensure cost effectiveness.

d. Researching and installing new systems;

e. Ensuring the smooth running of all IS systems

f. Managing crisis situations, which may involve complex technical hardware or software problems

g. Ensuring the security of data from internal and external attack  and core teams office IS administration.

h. End-to-End IS planning for the conference

i. Overall responsibility for taking the World Record event LIVE!

Ideal Skills/Profile of Information Systems team members

Strong background & experience in:

a. Web-development

b. Networking Technology

c. Database Management Software (Oracle/SQL/Lotus Notes)

d. Advanced PC/Internet User Skills

e. Operating Systems (Win7/8, X Windows, Unix/Linux OS, Mac OS)




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We have been informed by the project organisers that the attempt will now take place on July 4, 2013 NO LONGER ON May 23, 2013 . We apologise for any inconvenience.